Selected presentations of the Smart Key project

The project has been running since 2018

Payment for renting a Mercedes with the DeFi service.

Presentation of MVP SmartKey, Blockchain of Things technology.

SmartKey connector generated a temporary key to the car.

The operation of the system is presented by Gleb Sychev.

Presentation of the SmartKey solution for the project partner KIA corporation.

Sharing economy in practice. Transprt as a Service. Kia cars available for testing.

Project presentation for the Korean community.

Presentation of the Smart Key system, values and possibilities for private individuals (families) who buy a KIA car with the system.


We present selected partners of the Smart Key deFi connector project. Our project is a new opportunity for our partners who want to share their resources with DeFi projects.

KIA Motors

The KIA Corporation’s interest in the project is mainly due to new process (technical) and financial possibilities offered by blockchain technology.
– Introducing new forms of credit currently unavailable such as 1-day or 7-day leasing
– Introducing corporate solutions, ie. possibility of sharing car fees by several people, companies and other entities thanks to DeFi contracts.
– Security of the car, no physical keys.


Teltonika is the 3rd largest (10 and the largest provider of IoT (GSM-GPS) solutions for the management of access zones, vehicle deployment or telemetry. The main application of Teltonika devices are:
– Car rental, carsharing,
– Scooter rentals, scooters,
– Residential access platforms, parking gates.
– Airbnb management, office and office management platforms (Hot Desk systems).

10 million devices sold, 41% of value-sharing services in the EU ran on Teltonika devices.


One of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems in Korea. The partner’s task is to support the SmartKey platform in acquiring technology and business partners in South Korea for the implementation of the solution.
The introduction of SmartKey solutions in the OasisBlock blockchain will allow to increase the technological projection, new opportunities offered by data trading provided by OasisBloc.


Blockchain ecosystem. Second fastest growing developer ecosystem in the world after ETH. Mechanisms such as the Gravity Hub Functionality for collaboration between different blockchains will allow the SmartKey project to collaborate on other blockchain ecosystems.

Media Partner: Crypto World News

The project’s information strategy focuses on dynamic promotional and informational activities to build a valuable project community.

CWN: is a news channel with over 500,000 permanent subscriptions on Telegram. The active coverage of CWN’s information is over 6-6.5 million active accounts.

Value building strategy

1. Adaptation and launch of API_SmartKey in 10 million Teltonika's devices as an alternative bus for communication and value settlement.

Any company that uses Teltonika devices will be able to connect their devices with blockahin gateways.

2. Building partnerships based on key - known technology partners.

The use of the marketing message, i.e. the trust of 2 car manufacturers in our technology as an exit to the position of partnerships in the area of CarShering, CarRental.

3. Dynamic marketing activities, providing a description of integration in the Internet, support in implementations.

A strategy for building market communication based on the proven value of the SmartKey platform.
Active, he participated in industry conferences and the largest industry events in the world.

4. Lobbying to establish standards for Smart City by the SmartKey contactor standard.

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