Smartkey is a bridge, the missing puzzle that connects the world of decentralized finance (DeFI) with the world of physical values.

Decentralized finance currently needs to use FIAT gates. FIAT gate (exchange office, centralized exchange) is an intermediary in the process of exchanging services and values. Those intermediaries limit the world of DeFi.


DeFi projects can be compared to puzzles using decentralized finance in the form of advanced Smart Contracts. They are currently 99.9% closed processes (implemented on blockchain). DeFi projects limit their potential due to the lack of an automated connector for digital services in the physical world.


Both worlds can be connected via open connectors that enable automation, digital secure connection of DeFi smart contracts with external services.

SmartKey platform has created a connector for 2 blockchains: Eteherum and Waves, which can adapt any DeFi project by connecting to the connector, for example Smart Contract of the platform.


The Smartkey connector offers 2 solutions:

  • API for the physical world, i.e. applications, systems, sensors, surveillance systems and access systems.
  • DeFi smart contract connector that connects other smart contracts of the selected blockchain (Ethereum, Waves) with the SmartKey API.

SmartKey enables integration at two levels of advancement:

Level I

Digital integration, access to websites, mobile applications, passive sensor systems.


Level II

Projects such as Airbnb platforms, car-sharing, HotDesk offices by the hour, parking lots, controlled and limited paid access zones that use intermediary systems between the service provider and the recipient.


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Automatic office rental

One of the use-cases of Smart Key, DeFi connector and Blockchain in general is an automated office rental project similar to the idea of AirBnB. The DeFi connector API might be used by the client app to communicate with Blockchain and pay for access to the office and the DeFi connector device physically grants access to the office. This allows for fully autonomous and self-governing workflow.

Car sharing

Another idea is to implement decentralized pattern in car-sharing project. Users would be able to rent a car for a specific time and pay for it with cryptocurrency. The transparency of Blockchain ensures safe transactions and consistent shares of car’s time. This workflow can be compared to Uber, but decentralized.

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