Exchange ETH for SmartKey

SmartContract will process the transaction

The conversion factor is 1 to 20 000, so when You transfer:
– 0,1 ETH You will receive 2 000 SKey tokens,
– 1 ETH  You will receive 20 000 SKey tokens,
– 10 ETH You will receive 200 000 SKey tokens.
… and so on.


You can buy SmartKey units by sending ETH to the official project address given below. SmartContract will switch units (ETH-SmartKey).

Official SmartKey Exchange Address etherscan-logo
SmartKey Token adress


Add to Metamask!
  1. Add SmartKey Token address to MetaMask or other wallet to make sure your SmartKey tokens are visible in the list of assets.
  2. Transfer selected amount of ETH to SmartKey Exchange address.
  3. As soon as transaction is completed You will receive SmartKey on your account.


Metamask smart contract. Transactions from the official projects portfolio to your wallet.



Decentralized exchange.
Listing „pool” on October 2020.


Probit (soon)

Centralized exchange.
Signet contract for listing: starting on December 2020.


HotBit (soon)

Centralized exchange.
More info soon.



Centralized exchange.
We will be listed at one of the top 3 exchanges. More info in Q2 2021.

Transaction rules


You can buy SmartKey units by sending ETH to the official project address. SmartContract will switch units (ETH-SmartKey)

Exchange rules / Price

SmartKey unit value: 1 ETH = 20 000 SmartKey (ERC20)
Price of the SmartKey unit 2 Cents at the rate of 1 ETH = 400 USD

If you need help with the transaction or if you have questions

send email to:
Trade & exchange support

Smart Contract verification

Make sure that the data is correct. Verify the contract and address before making the transfer.