What is SmartKey?

We have launched a connector that allows DeFi projects to expand. You can connect your Smart Contracts with Airbnb platforms, car-sharing, offices. The platform is being tested today by the largest car manufacturers, Airbnb hotel chains. Check our advantage over Chainlink.

SmartKey DeFi Connector

SmartKey is a working platform connecting the physical world with the world of modern, decentralized DeFi economy – the Ethereum and Waves ecosystems.

The project makes it possible to connect the DeFi Smart Contract through advanced connectors:

Level I, connecting mobile applications, systems, passive sensors, surveillance systems.

Level II, connecting access services such as car sharing and Airbnb with DeFi services by the use of SmartKeys that enable temporary access to physical values.

SmartKey solution MVP

See how our solution works. Watch demonstrations of our system with the Mercedes and Kia Motors cars. Click below to watch the movies right now.

Economic model

The value of the solution for users and the market


Currently 99.99% of all services in the world are paid in FIAT currencies. Millions of companies developing their mobile applications, websites, systems or providing services based on GSM-GPS access devices do not have access to the world of physical values.

Decentralized economy services in the form of advanced DeFi Smart Contracts are going to set a new trend in business models and processes between worlds, which is a trend in the development of Blockchain technology, that will become an alternative to the existing solutions of FIAT currency payments.

SmartKey vs Chainlink

SmartKey API, currently implements about 65-70% of the functions of the ChainLink platform level 1. The advantage of the SmartKey platform over the ChainLink project is mainly the implementation of level II services, where we can demonstrate more adaptations and confirmed operating systems.